April 9th, 2014

Bucktown 5k – Video

Bucktown 5k – Registration now open!

April 9th, 2014

North Shore Classic – Video

North Shore Classic Half Marathon and 5K – Registration now open!

April 9th, 2014

Rock the Night – Video

Rock the Night 5k/Music Festival (formerly Terrapin 5k) – Registration is now open!

April 9th, 2014

Turkey Trot – Video

North Shore Turkey Trot in Highland Park, IL – Registration is now open!

April 9th, 2014

Big Foot Triathlon – Video

Registration is now open for the Big Foot Triathlon on June 22nd, 2014!

February 24th, 2014

Running for Peace

As the anniversary of the devastating Boston Marathon bombing approaches, charities and organizations are still mourning and supporting the victims of the tragedy.  One family in particular was devastated by the bombing when their 8 year old son, Martin Richard (the youngest of the bombing victims), was killed at the race. Martin was a loving and active boy participated in the BAA’s children relay the weekend of the Marathon for three consecutive years. The Richard’s family has since started a non-profit, THE MARTIN W RICHARD CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, MR8,  to raise money with the support of many people who refuse to forget.

This heartbreaking article from Boston Globe back in August tells more about the family and everything they have had to face since April 2013: http://b.globe.com/1bP6sDr

Martin Richards: “No more hurting people – Peace”

Last year after the tragedy, Molly Akers and Samantha Kirkham (longtime RAM Racing fans) refused to sit back and do nothing.  These two determined women organized a race to raise money for Martin Richard’s family, and sent them this heartwarming video with the money they had raised from the race to show their support, and have been close with the family ever since.

WATCH the video here: http://vimeo.com/65055080

They have chosen to take to their qualifying entry for more than just a finish time and will be running as inaugural members of Team MR8 for The Boston Marathon 2014 to honor Martin Richard working on promoting the Richard Family’s charity.

Benefit run for the Richards Family

RAM Racing is proud to support the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation, Inc. and Team MR8 Boston Marathon 2014 charity. You can donate to this amazing cause and remind The Richard family that a year later, people still care and support them as they continue healing and honoring Martin.  Running community unite–running never stops.

DONATE TODAY: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/Molly-SamCHICAGOtoBOS/team-mr8-boston-marathon-2014

August 28th, 2013

Hot Chocolate 15/5k Unveils New National Video

It may still be warm outside, but it’s always a good time to sign up for Hot Chocolate!  Last year, hundreds of thousands of runners joined us all over the country to run for chocolate and have a great time doing it!

This year, as we unveil our new national video, we are thrilled to be coming to new cities! this year, we’ve added Denver, St. Louis, Nashville, Philadelphia and Minneapolis to our list of cities. For the entire list of cities we’ll be stopping in, see our national homepage.

Additionally, it is our goal to raise over $1 million dollars for our national charitable partner, the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Together, we are going to help families all over the nation, and we are going to be eating a lot of chocolate while we do it!

To stay on top of the latest Hot Chocolate updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Register now at HotChocolate15k.com!

April 24th, 2013

Runners for Boston Solidarity Run

At 6:30pm on Monday, April 22nd, independent running stores across America hosted a 3 mile solidarity run for those affected by the events that took place in Boston on Monday, April 15th.


RAM Racing and Running Away Multisport encouraged runners throughout Chicagoland and across the country to find a solidarity run near them (or do a personal solidarity run if they couldn’t make it to a store) to help show their support and love for the running community.

RAM hosted a run in both Deerfield and Chicago. Over a thousand supporters came out with family and friends to run for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and the city of Boston. A big thank you to the Chicago Park District for their aid in making the runs possible on Monday evening!

A “Runners for Boston” t-shirt was sold before the start of the run. All proceeds from the $20 shirt will benefit the One Fund Boston, donations can still be made here.

Running Away Multisport will be selling “Runners for Boston” t-shirts starting Friday, May 3rd. If you ran on Monday, and did not receive a t-shirt, please stop by either the Deerfield or Chicago-Clybourn store to pick one up and make your $20 donation.

Thank you Chicagoland runners, you are an amazing running community and we are proud to be a part of it!

A few words from some of our solidarity run participants:

“What a great run! Very well organized, and truly thankful for being part of it! We love you Boston.“
~ Nancy C.

“It was great to see such an awesome turn out tonight. There is something to be said about runners…” ~Renee H.

“Thank you RAM Racing for bringing us all together and giving us an opportunity to show our support for Boston.” ~ Katie H.

April 11th, 2013

Three Ways to Maximize the Training Benefits of Indoor Cycling

The weather is finally starting to turn for the good and outdoor cycling and triathlon season is right around the corner. Summer is coming and it’s time to pack away that indoor cycling trainer right?  Wrong.  This is the time when we want to use it, but only for certain workouts.  In the past several years, indoor riding has become a tool not just for the winter months, but a tool to be used throughout the entire season.  Indoor training should be very focused, with each interval and set is accounted for, as opposed to, ‘Oh, just ride for a few hours.’

This is the benefit that all triathletes who are sold on indoor cycling point to. Riding inside is conducive to high intensity training. There are no stoplights, no descents to coast down, and no other cyclists to draft behind. Motorists cannot distract you from the task at hand, weather conditions cannot slow you down. The distractions of the roads do not affect your workout. Instead, you are free to perform exactly the workout you intended to do.  The indoor trainer, much like a pool, encourages athletes to divide their workouts into segments to stave off the boredom of training in a confined space. With this, athletes spend more time working at higher intensities on indoor trainers than they do outdoors which allows the athlete to get fitter in the process.

There are a few rules to follow if you are going to commit to riding indoors throughout your season:

Rule No. 1:  Maximize your time efficiency
Incorporating indoor cycling into your training allows the athlete the opportunity to streamline their current routine. Increasing the time efficiency of your bike training starts with trading some volume for intensity, but it goes beyond that.

The approach I’ve taken is to incorporate a modest increase in training intensity (more time at threshold across all three disciplines and more time above threshold as well) and an increased focus on specificity.

Adding a short to mid-length run after every indoor ride is a great way to add running fitness to your cycling workouts. This allows your legs to become accustomed to running off the bike. The first 10 to 20 minutes of the run is always the hardest.

If you have an hour and a half to work out, you’re better off doing a one-hour indoor ride and a 20-minute run than a 90-minute outdoor ride.

The amount of riding time you slash and the amount of high-intensity riding you add should depend on individual considerations. You’ll definitely want to keep one weekly endurance ride that’s long enough to give you the endurance you need to go the full race distance. Two high-intensity indoor rides per week are appropriate for most triathletes. None of these rides needs to last longer than an hour and a half and can be done in an hour.

Rule No. 2:  No need to ride too long.

Since you race outdoors, you need to do some training outdoors. Failure to do so will leave you less than ideally prepared for the elements of outdoor cycling that are different from indoor cycling. As a cyclist, you need the outdoor rides to work on bike handling skills. Unfortunately, on a trainer you cannot get a true feel of how your bike handles on the road. Outdoor rides are for endurance and feel, indoor rides should be used for your intensity workouts.

Rule No. 3:  Suffer as a Group.

Of course, indoor cycling classes have existed for a long time, but indoor cycling classes designed especially for competitive endurance athletes are much newer.

The typical fitness club Spin class is a good workout, but not a triathlon-specific workout. The workouts themselves don’t focus on the intensities that triathletes need to develop and sometimes not challenging enough for triathletes.

Endurance performance centers, like Well-Fit offer group indoor cycling workouts for athletes, as well as strength classes or swim technique workshops. There is a great opportunity to gain strength from a group while suffering through a tough workout.  People cheer each other on and it always seems easier to push through a tough set while others are suffering with you. While group indoor riding offers clear advantages compared to solitary indoor riding, some coaches believe that there is also a disadvantage and that group indoor riding should not be done to the exclusion of solo indoor riding.

Triathlon is an individual sport, and athletes need to learn how to ride alone within themselves and how to stay motivated. To develop as a complete athlete, people need to spend time training both in groups and solo.

There are no absolutes in triathlon training. There is no single type of training that is so good it should become your only way of training.

But indoor cycling appears to be a better way of training than it was previously thought to be. That’s why triathletes and cyclists are doing more of it lately, and it’s why you might need to consider doing more indoor cycling yourself.

By: Tim Ams – Running Away Deerfield 

April 4th, 2013

Yoga for Runners and Triathletes? Yes, Please!

‘I’m a triathlete – I don’t do yoga, it’s just not as good of a work out’. That’s what I used to think before I tried my first yoga class over a year ago. Now, I consider myself a triathlete, and yes, a yogi. Yoga can be perceived as just another form of stretching or an easy work out. It certainly helps with stretching, but I have found that it is a great cross training work out for all the muscles I use swimming, biking and running.

I first started yoga when nothing else was curing the pain in my piriformis (a small muscle that crosses the hip joint and is primarily responsible for outward rotation of the leg at the hip, and also helps stabilize the hip and lower leg). I found that going to yoga (especially hot yoga) a few times a week and learning different targeted stretches for my leg helped ease the pain.

After over a year of practicing yoga, I no longer have piriformis pain. I also found that yoga has helped my balance while strengthening the different muscles in my core, feet, legs, back, and arms. My flexibility has improved and over all I have found that yoga has made a very positive impact in every aspect of my triathlon training.

In my opinion, yoga should be used as a cross training method for runners and triathletes at least once a week. For my fellow runners and triathletes, Running Away Multisport is now carrying yoga clothing from several different companies, Lole, Anue (New Balance Brand) and The North Face. All of these items have been tested in every type of yoga class. The fabrics are soft, breathable, and comfortable for any yoga posture you find yourself practicing. So get into Running Away, grab some yoga gear and step into a studio to stretch out your tired muscles!

By:  Katie Marquard – Running Away Multisport – Clybourn