August 10th, 2012

South Shore Tri – 2012

Official South Shore Triathlon 2012 Video by Brit Williams / RAM Racing

Saturday, July 28th was the 2012 South Shore Triathlon. Incredible morning on Chicago’s South Side where triathletes competed against their peers and themselves through challenging swim, bike and run courses with Sprint, Aquabike and Kids-Tri events! A bunch of you #Rammies were kind enough to post race reviews, and for that we say thank you!! Any time you post a race report please let us know via Facebook and Twitter!

About 3 weeks ago I convinced Josh and Michael to join me to do the South Shore Triathlon that was held today. I wish that my company was a convincing enough argument for either one of them to sign up, but what really won them over was the swag. They were sold after they saw the sweet bike jersey that they would get, with an outline of the city of Chicago. Either way, we had a great morning. This is one of the best dates Josh and I have been on in a long time! – Lindsay & Josh of the Stark Stories blog.

I did Chicago’s South Shore Triathlon this morning. Last time I swam without a wetsuit. This time I wore won. My swim was faster this year – by about two minutes. But my transition from swimming to biking was slower this year – by about two minutes. The trouble with wetsuits in triathlon is – the time you spend getting OUT of them counts againstĀ  you.

The advantage gained
was not retained.
– John E. of the Rhyme of the Day weblog.

I am a triathlete! #SouthShoreTri completed. @Leasellshomes via Twitter

Also Fuzzy and Erica, the couple who did the Podcast review of Big Foot Triathlon, were active in their race coverage again! Posting another “The Unnamed Race Reviews Podcast – Episode 03” (mp3) in addition to recapping the race on FuzzyCo (Fuzzy’s blog) and ericareid.com (Erica’s). Beyond an incredible opportunity for beginning and expereience Triahtletes to enjoy Chicago’s 63rd Street Beach, the event gave an opportunity for all of Chicago’s Triathlon community to come together, including Tri-Masters (see their race photo gallery on Facebook) and Dare2Tri who posted the video below on YouTube:

Finally, participant Israel Anotnio put out an incredibly moving race review that I’d like to close with;

There is no way I will ever know if I am better off as I am or if I would have been better off sighted. I know I would take being sighted in a heartbeat. I have heard some people who are blind say they would never change if given the opportunity because being blind is who they are. I say I have a medical condition which caused me not to have my sight, but blind or blindness is not who I am. It is not my life. Marathons, triathlons, plays, screenplays, brother, friend, lover are all things which I am. I just happened to have misplaced my sight many moons ago. I still hope that one day my sight is restore. For now, I guess I will see by experiencing. This weekend I saw what I could do on a bike and run. I know have many more miles to go to grow and get better. I also saw that I am improving. That little boy who lost his sight twenty-one years back had one tremendous experience on Saturday and will have many more in races to come. Israel Antonio’s Blog

If you have questions or comments, please share via Facebook and Twitter (be sure to includeĀ #Rammies so we can find your tweet!). If you’d like more details on the event, please read our official press release.

By: Charlie Danoff / charlie@ramracing.org

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