February 19th, 2013

Spark Multisport Running Training Plans for 2013 Chicagoland RAM Races

Spark Multisport Coaching and Running Away Multisport are excited to help you train for all the upcoming Chicago RAM races in 2013.  Registration is now open for training programs at spark.racebx.com.

RAM Training Plan

This is a remote based training option catered towards newer runners or those who really just like to do most of the training on their own time. For the low price of $30 or $45 (depending on length of plan), athletes can get hooked up with a training plan to the race of their choice. The training plans will be offered at both a beginner and intermediate level, and also come with access to the private RAM Training 2013 Facebook page for the duration of the plan. Here is the kicker- these plans also come with a $20 gift card to be used at either Running Away retail location AND a technical training t-shirt. I mean, why wouldn’t you do this? T-shirt? Discount on your new running kicks?  This makes the training plan like a free perk! So exciting!

RAM Training Group

Want a little more attention in your training? Maybe looking for a social outlet with some other runners? Then the training group might be just your thing. Along with all the perks above, the training group will meet every Wednesday at 6:30 pm for an interval workout, one Sunday per month for a long run followed by a discounted shopping event, and once per month for an informational clinic. This group will also get access to a special tent at the finish line of their races stocked full of refreshments! How cool is that? Access to this group varies from $50 or $75 (depending on race you are training for) or only $199 for a season pass from March- November. Unlike the training plan above, spots in this group are VERY limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis.

To get you going and help you decide which program would be best for you, we put together a fun little quiz. Take it see where you fit best!

Have you ever participated in a race before (running or triathlon)?

A) Nope, just trying to make it to the finish line this time.
B) Yes!  I had a blast but want to get better!
C) Yep, and I podiumed on the last three I did.

Do you like to train on your own or prefer to use exercise as a social outlet?

A) My 45 minutes at the gym is the only time I’m alone all day and I love it!
B) I’ll use any excuse to meet people, especially sweaty ones.
C) As long as people can keep up with me, I will workout with them.

Do you like to shop?

A) I am a grab what I need and get out kind of shopper.
B) Yes, it’s my favorite hobby (behind running) and I love a good discount!
C) I do like to pick up the latest gadgets and gear and don’t care about the price!

After a race, do you prefer to:

A) Get the heck out of there and get home as quickly as possible
B) Hang around, talk to friends and watch other finishers, preferably in a team tent with refreshments
C) Go for a 3-4 mile cool down jog.

When it comes to running, I feel like:

A) I just really need some guidance and support to keep me on track.
B) I want to be motivated by a coach and others and learn as much as I can about the sport!
C) I would prefer a personal coach or trainer to really tailor my training to my exact needs.

Do you live or work in downtown Chicago?

A) Nope, in the burbs.
B) Yes, near Clybourn and Webster.
C) Wait, is this quiz for people who live in Illinois?

Mostly A’s- Sounds like our Training Plan track is best for you.  Training plan at your level, online support, tech t-shirt and a $20 gift card to spend at RAM retail locations. Starting at only $30, these plans will get you to the finish line and more!

Mostly B’s- You are perfect for our Training Group. With coached practices and discount shopping events at our downtown location, monthly clinics, a special training group race day tent and more, this group will not only make you faster, but help you meet people and do it in style! At $25 per month or less, these limited spots are going to fill fast. Get yours now!!

Mostly C’s- Okay, so you may not be the “best” candidate for our programs, but Spark Multisport might be able to help you anyway! Check us out at www.sparkmultisport.com

If you are interested in an online or group training program for any Chicagoland RAM Race please visit http://spark.racebx.com!

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