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April 24th, 2013

Runners for Boston Solidarity Run

At 6:30pm on Monday, April 22nd, independent running stores across America hosted a 3 mile solidarity run for those affected by the events that took place in Boston on Monday, April 15th.


RAM Racing and Running Away Multisport encouraged runners throughout Chicagoland and across the country to find a solidarity run near them (or do a personal solidarity run if they couldn’t make it to a store) to help show their support and love for the running community.

RAM hosted a run in both Deerfield and Chicago. Over a thousand supporters came out with family and friends to run for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and the city of Boston. A big thank you to the Chicago Park District for their aid in making the runs possible on Monday evening!

A “Runners for Boston” t-shirt was sold before the start of the run. All proceeds from the $20 shirt will benefit the One Fund Boston, donations can still be made here.

Running Away Multisport will be selling “Runners for Boston” t-shirts starting Friday, May 3rd. If you ran on Monday, and did not receive a t-shirt, please stop by either the Deerfield or Chicago-Clybourn store to pick one up and make your $20 donation.

Thank you Chicagoland runners, you are an amazing running community and we are proud to be a part of it!

A few words from some of our solidarity run participants:

“What a great run! Very well organized, and truly thankful for being part of it! We love you Boston.“
~ Nancy C.

“It was great to see such an awesome turn out tonight. There is something to be said about runners…” ~Renee H.

“Thank you RAM Racing for bringing us all together and giving us an opportunity to show our support for Boston.” ~ Katie H.

November 29th, 2012

Run Away…From Holiday Pounds

Holiday treats are everywhere this time of year, making it nearly impossible to avoid gaining winter pounds!

Gaining a couple of pounds over the holidays isn’t necessarily a big deal, but according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health, most Americans never lose the weight they gain during the winter holidays. This makes holiday weight gain an important factor in adult obesity. Being the fit group of individuals that you Rammies are, we know you won’t neglect your training.

However, here are a few easy tips to help you stay trim from Thanksgiving into the new year!

1. Have a race on your calendar to stay motivated running through the winter. Whether it’s after the new year or not until spring, make a training schedule and stick to it.

2. Avoid holiday parties when you’re hungry! Never show up on an empty stomach, this may cause you to overindulge on tasty treats. Also, don’t try to avoid calories by skipping meals before a party, it can easily lead to overeating.

3. While you are out doing holiday shopping, be sure to pick out something nice for yourself. A new running jacket or pair of shoes is a great way to stay motivated.

4. Get a running buddy! Take advantage of running with a friend, set a schedule and stick to it. No one wants to let down a friend by bailing on them for a workout. Another great option is to join a running group. It gives you something to look forward to and lets you mix up your workout routine.

5. Stay positive! Don’t harp on having a bad run or missing a workout. There is always tomorrow!

March 23rd, 2012

Study Shows Barefoot Running Less Efficient Than Lightweight Shoes.

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder,  running shoes make running physiologically easier than going barefoot. The study, published online in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, began by recruiting 12 well-trained male runners with extensive barefoot running experience.

The New York Times indicated that a few previous studies have indicated that it’s easier to go barefoot in terms of physiological effort since more effort is required to handle  the extra weight of a shoe.

In the new study, Runners were asked to run multiple times on treadmills while either wearing shoes (the Nike Mayfly at 150  grams) or unshod. When unshod,  runners wore thin yoga socks to protect them from developing blisters and for hygiene purposes for the treadmills. Next, according to  the Times’ article, 150 grams’ worth of thin lead strips were taped to the top of runners’ stockinged feet. Adding an equal amount of weight to the bare foot promised to reveal whether barefoot running was physiologically more efficient than wearing shoes.

Researchers found that when barefoot runners and shod runners carried the same weight on their feet, barefoot running used almost 4 percent more energy during every step than running in shoes.

“What we found was that there seem to be adaptations that occur during the running stride that can make wearing shoes metabolically less costly,” Jason R. Franz, a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado who led the study, told the Times. The researchers believe that when barefoot, forces generated  by the collision of  food  and ground shift to the leg muscles absent the cushioning provided by shoes.

Moreover, the study found  that even when unweighted barefoot running was compared foot-to-foot with running in the Mayflies, 8 of the 12 runners were slightly more efficient wearing shoes, even though they added more weight.

The study only looked only at the metabolic efficiency of wearing shoes, versus not. The scientists didn’t evaluate whether barefoot running lowers injury risk.

The Times article concluded, that “serious racers might want to mull over the trade-off between having less mass on their feet when barefoot versus having greater potential strain on their leg muscles.”

But for the average runner, Dr. Franz recommends that a more lightweight model might be better for many given that some cushioning spare leg muscles from extra train yet avoids the metabolic cost to wearing heavy running shoes.