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August 17th, 2012

Terrapin 5K & Music Festival – 2012

Following the ’09 Terrapin 5K, Liz Plosser wrote in her race report for Time Out Chicago “Exercise, endorphins and beer? Last night the Terrapin 5K had to be the city’s happiest happy hour.” that tradition carried through this year’s event on August 2nd and was improved by the expansion into a Music Festival!

Participating and covering the event, NewCity correspondent Zach Freeman wrote:

“Milking the pre-Lollapalooza music festival vibe that’s in the Chicago air in early August, RAM Racing has expanded the music-festival part of the event, with race grounds including two stages, merch tents, LOTS of port-a-potties and plenty of food and beer”

“And when it comes to post-race partying, Terrapin delivers the goods in the form of six musical acts and a relaxing festival environment.”

“Organization (gear check, etc.): For the most part, these guys have events like this running like a well-oiled machine.”

The award for best dressed of the #Rammies goes to Erica Reid of the weblog

“Then, several years later, I started running, and learned that there was a Grateful Dead themed 5K called the Terrapin 5k, to celebrate Jerry Garcia’s birthday. Last year, I was most excited about this race, cause I wanted to run it as Bob Weir. Then I fell off my bike. HEARTBREAK. So this year, I was UNSTOPPABLE. I did an amalgamation of old and young Bob, with jean shorts (look they have their own Facebook page!), a Ratdog tank top, a guitar, and a gray wig and beard.”

Erica Dressed as Bob Weir by Fuzzy Gerdes on Flickr!

Her husband, and fellow #Rammies member, FuzzyCo Blogger Fuzzy Gerdes of the FuzzyCo weblog was also kind enough to blog about the race:

“The main indication she was Bob Weir was the Ratdog tanktop she made, so she got lots of ‘Happy Birthday Jerry’s’. Cie la vie. Shaun and I ran a nice fast (for me) 5K and Bob Weir ran pretty fast for a 64 year old man (or for a woman who last year was unable to run this race at all because of her injuries).”

Also, just as he, Erica and Shaun did after Big Foot and South Shore, they made another race review podcast! Listen/download here (mp3).

Lindsay of the weblog Running the Windy City was impressed by how many #Rammies she saw!

“When we arrived I couldn’t believe how many people were there. It was incredible! I love that people want to spend their Thursday evenings running”

Pete of The Lakefront Trail weblog wrote

“There’s nothing like a well organized 5k with great music, great beer and partying on the lawn in front of Soldier Field with your neighbors to rejuvenate the tired marathon training soul. … The combination of a well-run race, great bands, great beer, and a beautiful setting, the Terrapin 5k is worth every penny.  Oh yeah, it makes things all the better when you can run a race p.r. and place in your age group!”

Alicia M was amongst those who thought the corrals worked well, as she commented on Facebook

“I’m ridin the wave too! I have to say I enjoyed the wave start. It is rare during a 5k that size I can hit my natural stride without constantly weaving in and out of people! But thanks to spreading it out I was able to. My husband PRed and I got my second best time 🙂 thanks RAM Racing!”

I Heart Pikermis blogger Maureen agreed

* “This is the first time in a long while that I think that the corrals were correct.”
* “Mile 3:  My legs definitely feel heavy.  I just want to be done.  My mantra during this mile?  “One step ahead is one step closer to beer.”  I’m not joking.  I was purely motivated by the Magic Hat at the finish line.”
* “My beer was delicious.  Totally worth sweating through my clothes to get it.  I LOVE RUNNING!”

See also her 2011 T5K Race Report!

Beer is a great motivator and Lauren of also loved hers, especially because it was part of an event supporting the Chicago Blade Runners!!

“Chicago Blade Runners were manning the Beer Tent, and there is a lot of overlap between this group and the Dare2Tri paratriathlon club I’ve been volunteering a bit with this year.  Yea for friends who will pass you a free beer! And yay for fundraising!”

Thanks to all you #Rammies who attended the Terrapin 5K and all of our spring and summer events! Look out next week for a spring/summer RAM Recap as well as a preview of this year’s Bucktown 5K!! If you haven’t signed-up, hurry, register here! Time is running out!!

By: Charlie Danoff /